Break can’t come soon enough

Hey friends,

If you were to look over at me right now you would see that I am extremely sleepy and trying to work on my data analysis lab equations.

You can probably guess that university swamped and stolen my energy resulting in all I want to do is sleep when I get home. Or sleep during class (actually accomplished this last week on Monday too). My prof has expressed their worry about my health since I keep coming into their class looking shitty.

In crochet news, I was able to work on a small project, a simple mug hug, and even that has me exhausted. But I’ve been trying to crochet for 20 minutes before bed in an effort to relax. It’s a challenge when you fall asleep with the hook in hand! I’ve also started making a list of what I am making for whom for Christmas. It seemed doable. Till I looked at my calendar and saw that my last exam is on the 14th which leaves me with exactly 9 days to crochet around 10 things…

My Life in December
Thanks Happily Hooked for the meme! You can find it here: https://www.happilyhooked.com/30-crochet-memes-make-smile/

I hope in the next few days I will be able to post some in progress pictures of what I am creating (but obviously university comes first). But I am also looking forward to sitting and just reading books that aren’t university required. Have you got a book recommendation for me? I’m looking for new books to gorge myself on during Christmas break.

Also…I know tomorrow is the last day of being spicy. If you want to continue hanging out with me just hit the follow button on the blog but also did you know I have a Facebook page? You can come and hang out by just clicking THIS LINK HERE.

I am glad that we got to catch up, friends! And don’t fret…my data analysis assignment will get done.

Image result for grumpy cat homework



x.o. Breanna

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